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BillyGoat Mountain Ranch is located on 20 very rural acres along Evans Creek, 14 miles out of the bustling metropolis of Rogue River (home of the annual Rogue River Rooster Crow). Rogue River, population 2,000, is on Interstate 5 in Southern Oregon, halfway between Medford and Grants Pass. For you fellow Oregonians: Ain't is Great? For you Californians: Don't come, you won't like it. ;-)

The name BillyGoat Mountain actually came from our first ranch, in Temecula CA. The name was carved in the wet cement of the driveway in 1982 by the children of the folks who built it. We liked the name, and kept it for our goat business. When we retired and left CA for Oregon, It was pure serendipity to find that our new home had its own BillyGoat Mountain.

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