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Hi! We are Ellie Gregory and Dave Norton, owners of BillyGoat Mountain Ranch. We've been married for seven years, and raising Angora Goats for six. We retired from our respective careers late in 2007, Ellie as a Veterinarian and Dave as a Mechanical Engineer. Our goat herd currently varies in size from 40 to 60 animals.

Ellie was the first graduating DVM grandmother at Oregon State in 1985. On the way to her Veterinary Degree, she earned her degree in Zoology with minors in Botany and English Literature and has served as a school teacher, accountant, veterinary technician, sales clerk among others. She became interested in goats through extensive pathological research in vet school. Ellie owned and operated three veterinary clinics in Southern California.She is an accomplished quilter and knitter. During a seminar in Portland in October, 2003 she picked up a drop spindle at a fiber arts store which led to her first spinning wheel, and the decision to start her fiber products at the source. We obtained our first six Angora goats in January, 2004. Our herd has essentially doubled annually since then, at one point exceeding 70 animals.

Ellie is the animal person, Dave the thing person. His job is infrastructure, creating as positive and productive an environment for the goats, guardian dogs, barn cats, attack parrot...oh, and the Proprietors, as possible. His background includes design work on flight control actuators for the Lockheed C-5A, five steam-powered automobiles (one is now in Jay Leno's Garage!), two turbine-powered Indy race cars and industrial mechanical seals. His pet project is the Norton Shrike a high-performance three-wheeled sports-commuter autocycle designed and built in 1984 and still in daily use.

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