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Welcome to BillyGoat Mountain Ranch! We offer high quality CAGBA-registered naturally colored Angora goats and fiber products for sale, as well as breeding services through our fine breeding stock. We are active members of CAGBA, the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association. The Ranch is located on 20 acres along Evans Creek in the small town of Rogue River in Southern Oregon. We welcome visitors, by appointment only, please.

Why Angoras?

Angora goats are bred for their fiber. They are smaller than meat and milk goats, and generally more even-tempered. They grow about 1" of fiber per month, and are sheared twice a year. The fiber is known as Mohair. Angora sweaters are knit from the fiber of Angora rabbits. Mohair is an extremely durable fiber. It used to be used in automotive, airline, and theater seats for its durability and natural flame resistance.

Mohair is now used for felt, suits, and many other articles of clothing. It is often plied with wool and other fibers. Highly prized kid Mohair is soft enough to be used next to the skin, and is often used for doll hair.

Naturally colored Angora goats produce Mohair in a wide variety of hues, from off-whites to deep reds, taupe, and coal black through all shades of grey. Mohair also accepts all manner of protein dyes very readily. Spinners and fiber artists prize Mohair for its long staple (fiber length), fineness, luster and durability.

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